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Svelte Status

Svelte Status

Newsletter for Svelte developers. Curated each week by Marlos from Jexia.

Svelte Status #23

Weekly curated resources for (aspiring) Svelte developers


Svelte changelog

Check the updates in versions 3.18.0 and 3.18.1.

Getting started with Svelte 3

By Raphael Ugwu

6 minutes -You will build a Svelte project, create a component, and explore declarations, logic, and binding.

How to create a package

By Agustín Encaje

5 minutes -The idea of this piece is to show a quick, practical and simple way to create a package that can be downloaded via npm in our project made with Svelte.

Real-world reports

Why Bloomberg uses Svelte

By Julian Burgess

45 minutes - Bloomberg web developer Julien uses it for many graphics projects. This podcast is hosted by the owner of QuantumJs, Nikos Katsikanis.

Using Props & Stores in Svelte

by Jaime González García

16 minutes - Sharing my initial experience in learning Svelte getting started by creating a sample project, a pomodoro technique app. In this part we improve our pomodoro timer and connect it to our tasks.


How to test Svelte components

By Tim Deschryver

3 minutes - Writing Svelte component tests with the Svelte Testing Library is simple. Let's take a look at the setup!

Pass a component to another

By Ruben Leija

4 minutes - Pass Svelte components to another Svelte component dynamically, and not adding so much markup on a single Svelte component.

Add Svelte 3 to an existing app

By David Tang

2 minutes - Learn how to sprinkle in Svelte 3 components into an existing project.

A blog w/ ExpressJS and Svelte

By Wisdom Ekpot

19 minutes -Prerequisites: familiarity with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (ES6+), Node.js and npm installed, basic knowledge of ExpressJS.


What's new in jss-svelte

Highlighting some things that have changed.

Routify: routes for Svelte

Automated by your file structure.

Svelvet: CLI Svelte compiler & watcher

It works with Snowpack.

Smelte: material design w/ Tailwind CSS

UI framework with very small footprint.


Why I enjoy Svelte

By Shawn Wang

I really enjoy Svelte, despite not using it for work.

Svelte vs. React: the same web app

By Ahmed Bouchefra

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Svelte: small, fast and fun frond-ends - Eirik Vågeskar

Duration: 41 minutes

About my projects

Svelte Status is a mailing consisting of the latest and finest blogs and tools curated for (aspiring) Svelte developers. I am your curator Marlos Borges, a Brazilian front-end engineer moved to the Netherlands to help building Dutch cloud-based platform Jexia. Our platform is providing hosting and several serverless back-end functions for front-end or full-stack developers.

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